We crossed paths three different times before we actually met at church in 2017. I took couple photos at a tree farm where Joey worked, I was garage sailing with my mom, and somehow ended up at his families garage sale not knowing it was his house, and we were even in the same prom party and still never officially met... seriously, we even have a photo together! It wasn't long after we met, that we knew we wanted to be together forever. From then until now we have gone through a little bit of everything from brain surgery, to planning our very own wedding... in the middle of a pandemic + buying our first home together and becoming a little family of three, because if you follow us on social media you have surely seen our fur baby, Nala who is always at our feet trying to be the best assistant out there.

Between the differences in our personalities, me being an enneagram 2w3 and Joey being a 7, we balance each other out. When it comes to wedding days, I put myself in your shoes and feel each moment deeply (you will often times find me crying behind my camera) while Joey is always thinking ahead to the next epic shot. On a more practical basis, it means we love cozy nights in with take out food + watching our favorite shows, but also hitting the road to check out new places.

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fun facts

5. I have a major sweet tooth but also love a good salad. Between gluten free cookies and Panera, I balance myself out.

4. Both of us are currently in full time school. Joey is working towards getting his bachelors degree in marketing + I am in school to become a licensed medical massage therapist.

3. I am a sucker for a good day of thrifting. Finding name brands + vintage finds for a good price fuels my soul. (My entire outfit to the right was thrifted!)

2. Plants are Joey's love language. In fact, we currently have over 20 in our home.

1. Between the two of us we are allergic to more things than we can count with the biggest being gluten, peanuts + tree nuts, and all things that swim underwater. But, I promise we are still big foodies!

6. Joey is audible obsessed. 9 times out of 10 you will find him with his AirPods in listening to a new book.

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